Hello, blog!

I have finally created a blog section!
I'll be sharing some Skyriser Media and freelancing related news, and other fun iOS/macOS development tips/links I stumble upon.
Stay tuned!

If anyone is curious, this is all created manually using static PHP/HTML pages. I looked at Wordpress and Ghost, but didn't want all the overhead of those systems. Also wanted something lightweight and simple.

(posted 2020.03.09, updated 2020.03.10)

About Skyriser Media

Skyriser Media is an independent development studio based in Montreal, Canada.
We are dedicated to creating mobile games and applications (AppStore).

Chris Comeau (LinkedIn), freelance iOS/macOS developer (Swift/Objective-C).
Looking for a Freelance iOS/macOS Developer? (more info...)

Email (chris.comeau@skyriser.com)
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