Skyriser Media

Skyriser Media is an independent development studio based in Montreal, Canada. We are dedicated to creating mobile and desktop games and applications (AppStore).

Our Apps

Daily Wallpaper Daily Wallpaper
  Download a beautiful photo every day (iOS/macOS)
Password Grid Password Grid
 Secure password generator (iOS/watchOS)
Coiny Block Coiny Block
 Retro Action Clicker game - (iOS)
Quote Addict Quote Addict
 Funny and insightful quote collection (iOS)

Coming soon

Classic Wallpapers Classic Wallpapers
 Beautiful classic backgrounds (coming soon)
WallpaperSync WallpaperSync
 Simple automatic wallpaper syncing (coming soon)
CryptoCalc CryptoCalc
 Crypto currency calculator (coming soon)

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Looking for a Freelance iOS/macOS Developer?